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processConstruction Phase
During the construction phase, we do all the footwork, obtaining all the necessary permits and submitting all the proper paperwork.

Pre-construction meetings help us set the timeline for your project, setting a start/finish date and establishing the "house rules" during the project: starting and quitting time each day, where equipment will be stored, etc.

At any time during the process, you may have questions or want to make adjustments. This is a normal part of the process and we are available at any time to discuss your questions and requests. Changes to your plan typically require a meeting to discuss timeline and cost adjustments to your contract.

During the construction process, we will have regular meetings to ensure your job is progressing to your satisfaction and will be completed on schedule. We will walk through the house with you after the final inspection is obtained from your County or any related authority. Any final punch
out items will be completed and the house will be ready to be moved in.

Post Construction
Dream Homes is committed to giving peace of mind to its clients. This is why
it will guarantee its workmanship the same way it guarantees its new homes.
That is Dream Homes will guarantee the house structure for 5 years (in the
addition or new home area), any mechanical (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) work
for 2 years, and workmanship for 1 year.